These  are my grandchildren and light of my life. As much as I loved  my own children this  is totally  new ballgame. I was just not  getting enough  time to spent with them until January 3rd,2012 when I was laid off.After 22 years working in the same position as high ranking officer  in prestigious Brooklyn company time was up for  me for next stage in my life.I always believed things happen for reason.

As much as I loved my work I loved my grandchildren more .Also I love to cook , bake and experimenting with foods so when we remodeled our kitchen in  2001 I said I  have now  perfect setting  for cooking show.Also it was then, when my son asked me to write for him” Favorite family recipe cookbook”  for his birthday which of course  I was not able  to do while working. Time has come and  I already wrote all the recipes  but I wanted to bring it a step up by videotaping preparation  of each  recipe  and attach the link so there will be no confusion.As I started it & videotaped  it I just got the idea: what is the better way to teach and preserve family cooking  traditions then hands on approach.I started videotaping my grandchildren doing the recipes under my supervision.They loved it !This first video was a huge success so I decided to make a whole series as  You tube asked me as well.It’s mixing fun with practical knowledge and spending  quality time together.I know it is a big commitment , but it’s the one I choose & do with love & devotion & look forward to do it.

My food choices were always little “weird”  comparing  what everybody else would  be eating as it was most visible at work lunchtime hour but I still believe I influenced some people to make healthier food choices as a result.


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